Volunteer Opportunities

Ministry Descriptions at Paris Pregnancy Center

Adoption Team

Individuals are needed to assist in the education and information of adoption. Individuals are needed to minister/walk with clients through the adoption process. This would include attending doctor appointments, as well as ministering to the client after the child has been placed.

Baby Bottle Campaign Team

The Baby Bottle Campaign is a year around campaign. Volunteers are needed to contact churches and introduce them to the mission outreach of the PPCC. Help is needed in keeping baby bottles decorated, distributed and collected.

Bible Studies

Individuals are needed to teach, plan, and coordinate dates, times, and topics for bible studies.

Board Member

Volunteers are needed to participate in being a part of the governing board of the PPCC.

Boutique Room

Volunteers are needed in overseeing the donation and need of material items for clients. This would include the sending of thank-you notes, as well as the organization and distribution of the items received.

Church Liaison/Missions Coordinator

Individuals are needed to oversee the locating of key members in each church who would be willing to be a Church Liaison/Missions Coordinator for the PPCC. Quarterly meetings will be held to keep them informed and to make sure we are serving the churches in any way we can.

Client Advocate

Training will be provided for those who are interested in meeting with the clients of PPCC. Client Advocates must commit to a 4 hour shift with some level of weekly or monthly commitment. Spanish speaking client advocates are needed at the center, as well as on-call.

Client Follow-up/Mentoring

Volunteers are needed to oversee the vital work of client follow-up. This will involve making follow-up phone calls. This ministry would be the continuing of the relationship with the client and connecting them with a local church if needed. Many of our clients are young men/women who are in need of mentoring.

Communications Team

Ministry volunteers are needed who are skilled at written and verbal communications. Individuals involved in this ministry would speak on behalf of the center. Written needs would include the preparation of a periodic newsletter, web design updates, advertising and marketing needs, as well as the manning of the center's table at local events. The PPCC will need to be represented with a table that will need to be set up and manned.

Facilities Team

Volunteers are needed to oversee the needs of the facility. This would include outdoor signage, indoor maintenance, and the overall upkeep and appearance of the center.

Fundraising Team

Fundraising and individual/business support is an integral part of the PPCC. Individuals are needed to increase the awareness and the support of the center.

Grant Writing Team

This team will work with the Director of PPCC in the research, relationship building and submission of grant proposals to various foundations.

Healthy Relationships/Abstinence

Volunteers are needed to develop and deliver an outreach program of healthy relations/abstinence. These individuals would speak in schools, churches, etc., as well as facilitate classes at the center.

Life Development Classes

The PPCC would like to offer various enrichment classes to its clients. Individuals are needed to develop, plan and schedule these classes. Classes include, but are not limited to, nutrition, budgeting, resume writing, etc.

Medical Services Team

This team would be focused on the development and implementation of our medical services. (Pregnancy Testing, Sonogram, and STD Testing).

Miscarriage Support Team

Individuals are needed to minister and offer support to those who have experienced a miscarriage.

Office/Clerical Help

Volunteers are needed to work doing office/clerical work. These individuals will need to be able to commit to a 4 hour shift with some level of weekly or monthly commitment.

Parenting Classes

Many clients are interested in parenting classes. This is another opportunity for the Center to touch the lives of our clients. Many clients want to lean better parenting skills. Instructors are needed to teach these classes.

Post Abortion Classes

Instructors are needed to facilitate our post abortion classes. This is a very important ministry and opportunity for healing to the post abortive woman.

Prayer Team

Individuals are needed who are committed to pray for the ongoing needs of the clients, as well as the center. This team would receive prayer requests, schedule group prayer time and communicate praises.